Energy following first nations philosophy

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Wind Farm Partnerships

Grand Bend Wind: The partnership that makes up the Grand Bend wind farm is twofold. The first is a partnership with Northland Power and Giiwedin Noodin FN Energy Corporation. Giiwedin Noodin is a partnership between Aamjiwnaang and Bkejwanong (Walpole Island) for the purpose of developing and building the wind farm in Grand Bend and representing the First Nations partners.

About Our Project Partners:

Walpole Island First Nation: Our present-day community is nestled between Ontario and Michigan at the mouth of the St. Clair River. The modern delta emerged only 6,000 years ago. This place is known to us as Bkejwanong, the-place-where-the waters-divide. It is also known as Walpole Island, named after the "warpoles" which were long wooden starves planted in the ground with the emblems of the First Nations on them. These warpoles were seen by the early visitors. Bkejwanong has been occupied by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

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Chippewas of Sarnia: In 1827, the Amherstburg Treaty was implemented creating four Reserves, in what is now southern Ontario. One of these Reserves formed was the Chippewas of Sarnia, now known as Aamjiwnaang First Nation. The word Aamjiwnaang means the meeting place by the rapid water. At the time the area of the reserve was 10,000 acres, but was reduced to its present size due to a series of sales, mainly to industry.

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Northland Power: Northland Power develops, builds, owns and operates sustainable power generation projects in Canada and internationally. Established over 25 years ago, we were one of Canada’s first independent power producers. Since then, we have achieved a remarkable growth trajectory, currently operating 21 facilities in Canada and Europe that produce electricity from clean-burning natural gas and renewable resources such as wind, solar, and biomass.